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Day 23: Arzua to Santiso. A day of rain and a detour from the Camino

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The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain is the ages old English elocution lesson. The rain in Spain stays mainly in Galicia (pronounced with a lisp, as in GaliTHia) doesn’t quiet have the same eloquence but it does adequately describe the day we had today.

We had a miserable night’s sleep due to some particularly inconsiderate members of a group of 12 twenty somethings who kept everyone awake with their late night whispers and then woke the whole dorm at 4:30am as they noisily left the Albergue. This section of the Camino is beautiful from a nature perspective and ugly from a respect your fellow peregrino experience. Oh well. At least it forced Cheeky and I to get out early. By 6am we were breakfasting and before 7am on the road. The initial plan a walk of about 16km.

We walked out ok even if the sky was dark and the rain set in. I rarely had rain last time I walked so it’s seems we’re getting more than our share this time. The rain didn’t dampen our spirits too much in any case. We walked well and started to plan a slightly longer day ending in Arca a 20km walk.

We wandered through the farms, admired more of the fruit and fantastically coloured flowers and generally had a good day’s walking over the gentle, green, undulating hills of Galica.

The we arrived in Arca. The place was crowded with walk in peregrino’s, bussed in peregrino’s, taxi takers and caragrino’s. The massive queue outside the one Albergue and the completo sign on the other should have been our clue. The town was full. We tried place after place to be told the same thing. Full, full, full. Finally one kindly soul rang around for us. Good news, there is a room, in a hotel so it’s more expensive. The bad news you ask? It was 4km further down the road 😛

So we walked and walked. We sped up, which hurt Cheeky’s knees, because Arca was full by 1.30pm and every spare room cliseby was rapidly being snapped up. 4km later we arrived. Only to be told – completo. Ouch! Luckily though a hotel a few km’s away but off the Camino had rooms and they drove us there. So here we are in a little town that has nothing but a hotel, a pension and 3 restaurants chilling out after a longer day than planned. Tomorrow we’ll walk out of this town and make our way back to the Camino and make our way to the horror that is the 500 bed Albergue at Monte de Gozo, the hill overlooking Santiago. One and a bit day’s left on the Camino 😦

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Location:Carretera de Curtis,O Pino,Spain


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July 22, 2011 at 1:49 am

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