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Day 21: Palas de Rei to Melide. Home of the killer Octopus

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A remember seeing a shlock movie recently called DinoShark vs KillerOctopus, or something equally as silly. I don’t recall much of the movie but I do recall this huge, super sized Octopus that I felt sure was CGI creation until of course that until Melide. The Octopus or, as they more melodiously call it here, Pulpo is freakin’ huge. So, of course we had to stop to eat some. And of course along with Killer Octopus tentacles we had to have bowls of red wine – why, you ask, well, i’m not sure but that’s just the way they serve it here.

It was a fitting meal after a shortish 14km’s or so. The day whizzed by reasonably fast but the few ups and downs made some sections more difficult for Cheeky and so it was hard for us to get into a walking rhythym. Having to walk 8km before breakfast is also not much fun however these minor things aside it was a good days walk through some more of the spectacular, if somewhat graffiti riddled, countryside that is Galicia. We tried to ignore the very large Spanish groups we dominate the Camino in terms of sound and rubbish and just focussed on the delightful little villages. What this blog can never quite convey is the smells of the Camino. The last few days it has been a myriad of smells including sheep shit, fresh tree sap, sweet fermenting wine, crushed berries and fresh coffee. A cornucopia of smells make the walking all that more delightful.

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Location:Melide, Spain


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July 20, 2011 at 2:37 am

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