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Day 18: Sarria to Portomarin. Beautiful walks through rolling hills.

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It’s the little things you notice – like toilet seats left up. Coming from a much more female friendly environment, at least in the bathrooms, I’m used to toilet seats generally being left down. Here I notice toilet seats are often left up. Why? I don’t know I’ve just noticed it, as you do.

Like the way I noticed the way our Camino has changed and how my reactions to it have changed since I last walked this way. Last time I had already walked 700km by this stage, compared to the 200km, we’ve walked now. I wouldn’t say I was jaded last time by the walking, far from it, but I was less enthused by the environment around me. I remember not enjoying this last section as much as previous sections and that was much to do with the abundance of tourigrinos and the less convivial feel to the journey as many newcomers joined in Sarria. This time the stop/start nature of our walks has given me a much deeper appreciation for each section we’ve walked. Today we walked out of Sarria and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of, what ended up being, a long day’s walk. The slightly overcast but not rainy weather. The stone villages, the cows, the apple trees, the abundance of cafe’s, the gentle, rolling, up and down paths, the fresh air, the greenery all around. Galicia really is a beautiful part of Spain and the walking here is truly spectacular. The paths are easy to walk, you walk through many villages, something I always prefer as I enjoy these little Spanish villages and the scenery is truly beautiful.

Cheeky and I had planned only a shortish day of about 11/12 km to a hamlet called Ferrerios but when we arrived there we found we had energy to spare and we were enjoying the day so much that we would just walk on. Cheeky’s knees are still sore but she seemed to be able to cope with the pain a bit better than previously and she was clearly having a good day’s walking. Before we knew it we were in Portomarin some 24 km from were we had left. A great day’s walk but tomorrow we plan to do only a 14km day. We’re in no rush. We have time to spare and are in no rush. Galicia has been good to us thus far. I hope our next few says of walking are as good as today’s.








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July 17, 2011 at 3:40 am

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