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Day 10 & Day 11: Burgos to Leon. On the buses and chinese food Spanish style

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The fields whizz by and the terrain gradually flattens as we leave Burgos. The two hour bus journey makes light of the Camino across the mesetas. I remember two years ago struggling across the wide, hot, wheat fielded expanse. These are the sections of the Camino that test the body’s spirit to keep going. We had no such ardour to endure – I think I may even have slept on the bus. Oh the life of a touragrino, not quite tourist, not quite peregrino. At least we had the decency not to take hard won beds in Albergues.

Leon is a great city with a distinctly different feel to Burgos. The Cathedral, though perhaps not as grandious, feels suitably imposing and yet peaceful. The small streets pull away from the cathedral in numerous directions like strands of wool pulled away by errant kittens. The streets are a strange, eclectic but ultimately workable mix of old and new buildings. We stop to view the world passing and enjoy more Vino Tinto. Watching the world pass by i’m reminded of the guy in the van we met while on our first day’s arduous hike through the Pyrenees. When I’d asked him why he worked on the mountain he said look at the view, at which we both laughed as the rain and mist obscured everything beyond a five metre radius. He then went onto say that when he went to work the world passed by his door and as if to prove his point he pointed to his van door enscribed with that day’s peregrino’s … French and Koreans lead the count but at least 24 other nationalities had passed his door that day.

Leon also saw us try Spanish Chinese dim sum. Nice, slightly familiar but somewhat strange – like a Chinese meal in a David Lynch film. Twin Peaks dim sum if you wil. We enjoyed Leon and our eclectic little hotel Quindos on the edge of the historical area was a pleasant place to fritter away the siesta hours.

Next stop somewhere on the Camino. The plan is to try a little walking towards Astorga, 45km away. Cheeky’s knees are still dodgy but she feels ready to try again thanks to Dr’s Panadol & Ibuprofen.






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