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Day 6: Cirauqui to Estella. Our Camino changes nature, c’est la camino

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I’m bitterly dissapointed. Cheeky’s knee did not hold up well this morning. It took us three hours to make the 6km journey from Cirauqui to Lorca and Cheeky just hobbled along in pain for most of it. At Curauqui it was time to make the obvious, but difficult call, we needed to stop walking. I’m really gutted by this decision for several reasons, I so looked forward to walking the Camino again, I also so looked forward to sharing this unique experience with Cheeky and now that we’ve stopped walking I miss it already.

That said this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of our Camino. We’re now in Estella after a Camino Angel, so called, but actually just friendly souls who help others in their time of need, gave us a lift into Estella. He’s a tour guide looking after cyclists and was nice enough to help out in a time when we really needed it.

So we’re in Estella and, after having walked via the Church and stolen mulberries from it’s trees we are now ensconced in Hostal Cristal in the old quarter of this delightfully charming old world town. We’ll relax for the rest of the day and decide what to do next.

I’m a bit unsure of our next move but that’s not such a bad thing as it will make life interesting. The key thing is to get Cheeky’s knee back in order. We may bus the rest of the Camino and, if knees allow, walk the last section from Sarria that will still ensure Cheeky receives her Compostela. Other alternatives are to hire a car and turn this into a driving holiday or perhaps just go to France earlier than planned. It’s all up in the air. I’m sad and dissapointed both for myself and Cheeky but these things happen when you decide to go for long walks. We’ve done a 100km in just a few days, that, in itself is an accomplishment.






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July 4, 2011 at 9:53 pm

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