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Day 5: Obanos to Cirauqui. A lovely walk and a relaxing albergue

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Slept well last night in a very basic but quiet Albergue. What more does one need than a good night’s sleep after all. Last night we dined with fellow peregrinos in a local bar. Not exactly the world’s best cuisine especially coming from Vietnam where everything is fresh but the German’s in the group seemed to find it agreeable.

Today was the day to test Cheeky’s knee. A 11km hike with a biggish hill and some downhills. Cheeky’s knee held up, still sore but doable and we both enjoyed the day’s walk.

We stopped for cafe con leche in Puenta La Reina and found our bodies needing much less time to recuperate. Our presence however clearly offended the local avian wildlife as halfway through our coffee the birds decided to dive bomb us with their waste products. We ducked and weaved, moving cups around frantically to avoid the airborne faecal matter then dived under an umbrella. We took the hint, finished our cafe con leche and strode off. We stopped by the centuries old church dedicated to Santiago (St. James the apostle on whom this route is based as it ends up at the town in which his body lies entombed – Santiago de Compostela). The church was absolutely stunning inside, dark, ornate and being swept by a few old Spanish ladies who smiled as we entered. We sat awhile just soaking in the calm that pervades places of worship.

Then it was up the hill, up and up and up, in the heat. Then down and finally a beautiful little walk wending through the vineyards outside of Cirauqui. A beautiful old town, perched high on the hill all centred around the solid yet slightly crumbling old church that I can see in front of me as I write this blog.

We’re sitting in a terrace, birds are soaring around the little plaze in front of us, the church is rustic and the hospitalera (owner of the albergue) is sitting up here with us chatting. The place is very peaceful and welcoming. We both feel at ease after a good days walking. The decision to shorten our days has been a good one. Tomorrow another short day. This, aside from avoiding the raining faecal matter, has been a good day – we even got to pick fresh plums from trees along the way 🙂







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July 4, 2011 at 4:26 am

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