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CDG waiting on the TGV – destination SJPP

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Clean, fast and efficient. CDG is a decent airport to arrive at in Europe. Cheeky and I are both quite tired after the long flight from Ho Chi Minh City via Guanzhou but happy to have arrived at Paris.

Still three train trips to take before we arrive at today’s destination and the start of our Camino de Santiago. A TGV to Bordeaux then an hour wait until another TGV to Bayonne.

From Bayonne we need to take a smaller train into the Pyrenees. The train usually leaves after the TGV arrives and, if it does, we should be having our first evening meal with fellow peregrinos by eight o’clock. Right now that seems a long time from now. We both just want to nap 🙂 Tomorrow we’ll start walking – jetlag and all.

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June 30, 2011 at 2:37 am

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