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Day 30: Arzua to Arca do Pino

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Today was a day of sadness and of beauty and richness. I started out the morning by strapping and padding my feet until they looked all lumpy and disjointed. I walked put of town with a slight rolling motion as the padding settled into place. The pain was bearable, I could do 20km on these feet today.

I walked out into the dark and through the forests. When I emerged from the forests I was surprised to see it light already. I walked through farm lands and down beautiful country lanes and then noticed the familiar. The trees were those of back home, I was walking through a forest of eucalyptus trees. Another Camino surprise. I stopped for breakfast (cafe con leche and tarte de Santiago) only to find friends having breakfast. I joined up with them and spent most of the rest of the morning walking and talking with one of them, a history teacher in Barcelona. Our conversation spanned everything from women to school to Spanish culture and food to reminiscing about the early days of the Camino. The waymarkers around us showed 20+ km to go to Santiago, we both remember the days when it was 600km to go and we thought we had achieved a lot.

I parted from my friends who I will catch up with again in Santiago to walk by myself. While I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie of the Camino I also enjoy the time when I walk by myself. The 20km to go waymarker pounded into my thoughts as I passed it. “780 km these feet have walked”. “My Camino is almost over”. A deep wash of sadness coursed through my body. I could feel my whole body fall into sadness as I spent the last few kilometres thinking about my experiences. This amazing experience will end soon, in just a few hours of walking tomorrow I will be done. I feel like I’m going to say goodbye to a loved one and the sadness is palpable. Nonetheless I look forward to tomorrow’s walk. My mind is enjoying the walk and I look forward to seeing many friends at the end. I may be feeling a bit sad but tomorrow feels like the right day to stop walking. I am ready.

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Written by backpackingteacher

July 30, 2009 at 11:51 pm

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  1. The first 2 photos are beauties. I love the early morning light and how it plays out it’s colors in the sky. So lovely.
    Those feet are going to make it for your last day, don’t worry!!


    August 1, 2009 at 9:11 am

  2. Sending, hugs, cheers (and Band Aids). thanks for making our very ordinary days a litle bit more sparkly!

    Jenny Malouf ( Mum)

    August 3, 2009 at 9:26 am

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