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Students win Business Studies Competition run by University of Newcastle

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NSW Minister Jodi McKay was on hand at the Award Presentations for the Year 11 Business Studies Competition (2008), 14 November, conducted by the School of Business and Management, University of Newcastle. The final student presentations and the awards session were held at University House, City Campus.
Pictured with the winning team holding the $2,000 prize cheque is Clint Marquet, Kip McGrath Sales and Marketing Director, and The Hon. Jodi McKay, MP.


As a teacher I take pleasure in seeing the daily accomplishments of the students I teach. From the kid who suddenly sits up in class and gets involved in a new activity after appearing apathetic in previous lessons to the gradual improvement in another student’s writing ability, the real pleasure in teaching comes from these moments. It is a rare profession that lets you see, on daily basis, the growth and development of others. Sometimes I’m involved in a student’s growth and often I’m not but I still enjoy seeing students become informed young adults.

Occasionally however a more obvious moment of achievement arises. This can be students who excel at external examinations or are lauded by the school community for outstanding achievements. This week my Business Studies class had such a moment as we all celebrated the win, by three of our class, of the Business Studies Competition run by the University of Newcastle.

The three students involved had reached the final four in what was a hotly contested competition. Over 200 students had entered from schools all over the state. The competition involved preparing a Business Plan for an innovative product and their job was now to present that plan. Their presentation involved multiple facets including powerpoint, product demonstrations, display of prototypes and even a mock commercial. In my mind they completely outshined their more conventional opposition.

I won’t go into the details of their product as they are currently investigating how they might license their idea but suffice to say it was simple but innovative. As their teacher I couldn’t have been prouder. That pride doesn’t stem from anything I did. These three self motivated individuals would have won the competition with or without me. The pride stems from seeing three individuals whom I have spent the last year teaching conquer all before them. That’s what I like about teaching – seeing students that you teach, grasp the world and know that it is theirs if they want it.


The Hon. Jodi McKay, MP, presenting the finalists Certificates at the awards presentation for the Year 11 Business Studies Competition (2008).
For some background on the competition:…


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